Whole30|Round 3|Week 1 Recap

Here is a short recap of week 1!


DAY 1 – DAY 2

Um …. you know how I always say that starting something new is always refreshing!? Well it wasn’t this time around for some reason, the first two days were horrible and I was just so over it! I was literally craving everything there was to crave, mainly sweets. I don’t know if I was having withdrawals from sugar or what! I honestly ate like 4 banana’s Wednesday (day 2) just to try and curb my sweet tooth.

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Whole30|Why it’s not for me!!

Whole30|Why it’s not for me!!

Ladies and gentlemen, remember a couple of months ago when I shared with you guys that I was going to start the Whole30, Round 2, and be serious about it. Yeah, I only recapped the first week and a couple of days later I was over it. That’s obviously why I haven’t posted again regarding the Whole30. Before I get into why it’s not for me, I’m going to provide you with a list of things you can eat while on the Whole30, if it’s not on the list I’m sorry you cannot have it!!! So yes, no cookies, no alcohol, no legumes, no dairy, etc. Trust me the list goes on what you can’t have, compared to what you can have.

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