Goodbye Whole30.

Goodbye Whole30.

Hi friends!! For those of you who follow me on SnapChat, @AdoreSimmy, or Instagram, @BarbelleBeautyy, then you have probably been keeping up with me on my weight loss journey and multiple failed attempts at the Whole30. Last Thursday, I completed my second round of the Whole30 and I am just so happy that it is finally over.

I’ve had such a great experience with this program, but I won’t say that it changed my life. It made a difference, but there were no drastic changes that happened. For the most part, I already watch what I eat, so I just am not big on restricting myself again for another 30 days. I just love food so much that if I want something sweet then I can have it without having to “restart.”. Now in regards to the reintroduction, I did it last Friday & Saturday …. after that I was like whatever, bye. I just came to realize that I really don’t like having rules when it comes to my food.

 LOL, sounds like I’ve been liberated, huh?

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Whole30|Round 3|Week 4 Recap

Whole30|Round 3|Week 4 Recap

F I N A L L Y completed a second round of the Whole30, go ahead guys … round of applause please. LOL, lets take a look into last week.

DAY 22 – DAY 26

You guys have no idea how hard this last week was for me, surprisingly. I was honestly just over it. I was eating the same meals, day in and day out. Which was my doing, because I really didn’t feel like trying anything new. That’s basically why there weren’t any pictures really on this round because it was the same thing, basically every day.

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Whole30|Round 3|Week 2 Recap

I can’t believe I made it through week 2 y’all!


DAY 8 – DAY 11

Honestly, I was just so over the Whole30. Eating the same thing over and over again was just really getting on my nerves. Now, one positive thing is that my energy levels are definitely on the up and up which is nice. I was debating on just stopping, but I put it in my mind that I only have 2 more weeks to go.  I ended up going to a birthday dinner on Friday, I had broccoli, salmon, and potatoes (thank God potatoes are Whole30 compliant!) and some of my friends were praising me on my weight loss journey. Little did they know they just encouraged me to push a little bit more.

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