2nd Annual Vision Board Soiree

How time flies! We are already in the second month of 2019! Thankfully my girls and I were able to get together for our second annual vision board soiree, before the end of January. This was also our second meet up for our girl tribe hangouts. If you missed our first hang out, check it out here.

I have got to come up with something better than girl tribe … suggestions are welcome. 

Well for this meetup, four of us made it to the workout this time, we did title-boxing, MMA style. Kelcee, Bettie, and Jasmine were there on time as I strolled in about 20 minutes later! The guy at the front desk was very helpful, he helped me with my wraps, along with providing me with the waiver I needed to sign before I worked out. Thankfully, I had my own gloves and jumped right in. I’ve done title boxing before, but not an MMA class. Your first class is free, so if you haven’t tried boxing or you just want to switch up your workout routine then I suggest you check them out! 

Even though I was 20 minutes late, I was able to jump right in. The music was on point and our coach Wayne was pretty awesome. He was one of those instructors that push you by lifting you up. I’m all about motivation and words of affirmation. He also gets a plus since he commented on my traps. Mind you, they are nowhere near as cut as they used to be, but it was nice to know that I still kind of have the stature, lol. It was a pretty fun workout though like we were literally throwing our bodies down along with the dummy. Now the toughest part was the inchworms, man! I didn’t think I was going to make it, but having my girls by my side helped me through it.

We then took pictures of course and Wayne was a good sport about it, because we basically kept redoing them, lol. Check it out below!!!

Now we head to the clubhouse for our 2nd Annual Vision Board Soiree.

This year, we kept it pretty short and sweet! We met up around 3:00 PM and everyone was gone by 8:00 PM, so about five hours. We definitely cut time in more than half from last year. I think the part that takes the longest is going through the magazines and putting the boards together.

I won’t keep you guys reading too much longer, but I love how we were all able to just come together and help one another see our vision. To have a group of young women lifting one another up and making new connections. It is truly a beautiful thing. This year, I’ve decided to let you guys in more on the Soiree and allow you guys the opportunity to actually listen to what everyone’s goals are for the year. So kick off your shoes, relax your feet, and get inspired!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND AGAIN THANK YOU FOR READING + WATCHING THE VIDEO. Have you done your vision board for the year? I saw more people host vision board parties this year than in 2018, so I’d like to think I inspired a few people close to me! Well, it’s not too late, get your vision on the board and make some moves.

And as a reminder for those of you who have already done your vision board, don’t forget to live by it. Do at least one thing a day in order to reach your goals.




Live your best life!



Once I got back to work full time, I quickly realized that I was going to have to set time aside for myself. I remember a few months prior to getting pregnant my best friend and I promised that we wouldn’t lose ourselves when we became mothers. Now here I am, a W H O L E mom! LOL, it still blows my mind.

I would wake up, spend time with bubs, head to work, drive home, spend time with bubs, put him to bed, and do it all over again. I mean I would occasionally go workout, but I didn’t make it a priority. One day at work, I decided to send out messages to a group of my girlfriends asking them if they were interested in finding a workout studio + then go to brunch afterward, and that we would do this at least once a month.

There were so many of them who said Y E S! I decided our first workout studio would be SoulCycle and I don’t know how I found this restaurant but ended up choosing Nazca Kitchen for brunch. Now, I chose SoulCycle for the experience it had to offer. I knew it was a place where I could get a bomb workout in and plus get a little bit of motivation. If you go the website, it talks about how their mission is to bring soul to the people and how their riders go through an inspiration meditative fitness experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind, and soul, so I was definitely like SIGN ME UP!!!  (Click here, to learn more about SoulCycle!)

Well, I planned this outing about a month before and had like 10 people say they were in, but December 15th came and only two of my girls joined me!!! Another one of my friends couldn’t find the place, so she just made it in time for the photos LOL!

Now let’s talk about my experience.


When I first walked in, like 5 minutes before go time, I was greeted by my friend Jasmine. You know when you first go to a new place,  you expect to be greeted, well I wasn’t (HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE). It gets better though, I promise. Anyways, Jas shows me where to sign in and as I’m signing in, I greet the front desk, and they responded of course. They let us know we can put our things in the locker, so we proceed to the back of the studio and we are quickly greeted by our instructor, Berkley! She was very friendly and E N E R G E T I C af from the start. She asked me if I had shoes and let me know that since it was my first time the shoe rental was free! I thought I was going to have to pay $3.00, way to start off my weekend by saving a couple of bucks! It would’ve been nice for the front desk to let me know that, but I just walked back to the front and picked up my shoes, oh and I had to sign a waiver.

We head back to the class and I’m like it’s about to get real, by now Chalyse has joined us. Berkley gets us situated onto the first row, mind you … we definitely reserved seats on the third row! The class wasn’t full, so there was no way we were getting out of that. They helped us set up our bikes and clamp our shoes onto the pedal, that was pretty cool if I might add! Then she, Berkley, proceeds to change my dumbbells to a lower weight, now if you know me … in my head I was thinking does she not know how much I can lift! I had to mentally check myself though, my strength is not back to its full potential yet!

We are locked and loaded , our 45-minute journey begins. 

Berkley start the class off with a motivational introduction and I swear within the first 10 minutes, I was ready to unclasp my feet from the pedals, and smooth walk out of the door. I quickly trumped those negative thoughts of mine and refocused on the class, kind of felt like I was doing CrossFit again, because there are times you have to find that mental toughness to push through a workout even when you just want to stop.

We did high intensity probably for 30 minutes it felt like, my favorite part was when she picked up the candles and had each one of us blow out the candles. I guess she did that because we were new maybe? Anyways, Berkley went to Chalyse first and it was hilarious because Chalyse couldn’t blow it out! I died laughing inside, Berkley eventually just had to blow it out for her, Jasmine and I had no problem blowing out our candles. |Chalyse is going to kill me for sharing that!! |Once the candles were blown out, it was pretty dim in the room and she was able to put us in a meditative environment to where I was able to zone out. I kept telling myself to remember a couple of mantras that she was saying, but that was Saturday, and I totally forgot them. This part was my favorite because I just felt like it was just me in the room and I just felt motivated to go after what I want. It was magical man, so thank you, Berkley, for that!

We then moved on to the weights and that was definitely a mood … we did biceps curls, push presses … it was a good burn! We ended the class with a chill ride and eventually got off the bikes to stretch and do some breathing. Then I had a funny thought while we got off the bikes, they basically make those shoes to keep you hostage in the class, because they were a bit difficult to get off. One of us just took the shoes off and left them on the pedals, I’m not saying any names, but just take a good guess!

Class was over, Blair met us outside the classroom, and Berkley interacted with us trying to get a feel of our experience and even jumped in a picture with us. She invited us back and gave us information on other classes that she teaches, definitely wish we went to the Missy Elliot mix earlier that morning. Well, we all felt pretty badass afterward and said we would most definitely come back, so thank you Berkley for the great experience!

I’m glad I chose this place, because it really had me pushing my limits, and I walked out the door as though I owned the place. That being said, I highly recommend trying out SoulCycle, get out of that comfort zone.


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I wish more of the girls would’ve joined, but I don’t think they were about that life. We then left for brunch at Nazca Kitchen. I’m telling you guys, I have no idea how I even found this place. I definitely didn’t look at the menu, because I thought I was going to order a  Belgian waffle, but there was nothing close that on the menu. They did have $2.00 mimosa’s though, so that was cool. I made a reservation for 10, but we ended up with about 13 people (there’s a reason why I’m pointing this out). So, I had steak with eggs, and potatoes and when I first got my food it was like really cold. My cousin had already told the waitress about her food, so I was a bit reluctant to complain about mine. I ended up telling the waitress and she told me, it’s because there were a lot of us. I just shook my head inside and told her okay.

They remade my plate and it was delicious (much better hot), I was so happy I told them that my food was cold! Anyways, I got to hang out with my girls! We talked about everything from babies, careers, networking, podcasts + blogs, married life, and weddings. We are all at a different points in our lives, but it’s so nice to be able to be with everyone and just catch up. We even decided that we would do another vision board, so stay tuned for that. I can’t wait to see what I checked off my 2018 vision board.

Check out our vision board soiree here, video included!

All in all, I think it is important to have that girl tribe, gang, or whatever you want to call it. It can be lonely sometimes when all your focus on are others and not yourself,. especially if you have a family + working full time. I truly understand the saying that there are not enough hours in the day.  How do you manage your time and stay social in your busy life? And how far in advance do you have to plan outings with a big group?

Surround yourself with those that make you smile, inspire you, and build you up to be the best you can possible be. I’ve grown with some of these ladies since I was a baby, some junior high school, and of course college! So I am definitely blessed to have them in my life. We all have something we want to create outside our 9-5 and I think that is awesome, it is inspiring to be around people that are working on bettering themselves in order to level up.

Glad to be able to have a group of young women that are dreamers, doers, and wholeheartedly support one another . It’s a tribe.





Live your best life!

I don’t think it took us too long to figure out what the theme of 2018 was while creating our vision boards!

For one, I would definitely say I have already accomplished one of my goals for the new year and that was to have a vision board soiree with my girls, and thank God it happened!

Everyone showed up around 4 PM and the last guest left after 3 AM! It was a great time and better than I expected. There were tears, laughter ( LOTS OF IT), good food, the tea given was too sweet, it was real, and inspiring. This time together allowed us to discuss our wants for the year and in life, period. Being able to clarify and concentrate on specific words and images that we cut out, I think really help us see what we want to accomplish. We talked about it, we promised to keep one another accountable. I never knew how strong a vision board could really be until now.

A couple of words that I’d like to pick out on my board are confidence, fierce, and nope.

Confidence. I plan to build more confidence this year. 2018 will be more doing and less talking. I will approach my goals fearlessly and encourage you to do the same.

Fierce. I want to be F I E R C E! I want to live it, breathe it, & eat it hahaha! That is all, just call me Sasha Fierce.

Nope. No, no, no, and noooooooooo! I really need to start saying no more often and doing for me. I need to put myself first before I do things for others, because it can sometimes be taken for granted.  Learn to say no and do for you.


If you’re reading this, male or female … I challenge you to get a group of your closest friends together and throw a vision board party! Even if it’s at a restaurant and you guys are just sitting around talking about your wants in life. Have an accountability partner. Tag me, I’d love to see how your party turned out, and to share it!

Well that’s it guys, remember LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Oh and I have a little bonus below for making it through this post!