Overanalyzing and fear get in the way of many people’s dreams. Wondering if you are going to be good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or just enough in general to do the things you want to do. 

Aside from blogging and content creating, I also have a full-time job in management. My main focus for my team is growing. I want to be that person to help push them to get to that next level. It is important for me to meet with them frequently, see what’s going on and how I can help. 

It’s not always just about numbers and working with me. 

Lately, I’ve been asking about what their new year resolutions are or if there is anything that they have accomplished recently that they are proud of. The responses that I’ve received were surprising in a good way and also made my heart smile. 

One particular conversation sparked up about starting a business and running an Instagram page alongside it. Not getting into too much, what it boiled down to is that fear and uncertainty are in her way.

 I told her to get all of those thoughts out of her head and just freaking do it already. I asked her if she knew how many people have the same idea and are just sitting overthinking things and not making moves. I told her to not be like them. Be that 1% that goes after what they want, that regardless of who is dominating in that business, there is room for her at the table too. 

While we are having this conversation, in my head I’m thinking girl take your own advice. All the blog posts, youtube videos, reels, pitches that I want to send out … just freaking do it. STOP standing around admiring everyone else’s success and get after it. 

So, that’s what I did this week. Maybe not 100%, but I hope she knows that she inspired me to just freaking do it. DO EVERY SINGLE THING THAT I WANT TO DO.

If you are reading this post, all I wanted was to give you a sign to get out there and get to it.

Just freaking do it. 

There’s room for all of us. 

Ciao Beauties, XOXO