Happy New Year beautiful. 

Welcome back to Season 3 of Coffee with Sims.

Man has it been a year.

2021 was most definitely a year of growth for me.

I had many downs and they were pretty bad, to the point I wasn’t sure what my future held.

Though, there were so many highs.

I learned a lot in 2021.

Grab your cup of joe … or drink of choice and let’s get into it.


Where do I even start?

My life is pretty complicated and its because there are so many things that I am trying to do that I can literally not keep up. My mind is on go pretty much all days unless I’m sleeping. And let’s not talk about actually falling asleep and shutting my mind off. Thank God for sleep meditation podcasts those have truly been a blessing. I really didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted my year to look like last year, I just went with the flow.

Such a bad idea.

If I am being 100% percent honest, I really can’t remember how the first half of my 2021 went. It was a blur. I am really trying to think of a highlight that happened. Well let me take that back.

We moved into our first home and became homeowners in 2021. I think I got consumed into that and other things that it really didn’t stand out. Wait a minute.

It’s coming back to me. I traveled, I think about 3 times which was nice despite still being in the pandemic.

June 2021.

Probably the worst time in my entire life.

I was broken to the point that I didn’t know what my future looked like. I was sick, but you know what? I shocked myself. I still showed up. Not 100%, but I showed up.

I showed up my for myself. For Ash. For work. My family and few of my closest friends were my backbone. They helped me through it all as well.

Thankfully, that period didn’t last more than a month. Maybe about 3 weeks, but it was the longest 3 weeks of my life.

I think what really helped is once June 14th hit life was nothing but celebrations. The one thing I love about my friendship group is majority of our birthdays are in the summer. Starting from June 14th lasting until my birthday July 11th, so the celebrations are nonstop.

My birthday was my rest. I had all of my closest friends who have truly had some sort of impact on my life there and of course my family. I will have to say that majority of them didn’t know I just had the worst month of my life the month prior, but I appreciated every single one of them for showing up for me.

They are all a true joy, regardless of how often I see them. They will forever be my people. I sent invitations out and the event was titled “Celebrate Life with Simmy.”

And that’s what we did.

Despite the crappy past month I had, I was finally finding some type of peace.

Fast forward to the fall. The months just started to fly.

There was a point where I think I was actually depressed. Maybe I wasn’t. But, I was holding everything in and not working through them. I was working out aimlessly without a goal, because it was honestly just my source of peace.

There was a point when my husband and I put up these blackout curtain in our room and it became my safe haven. I didn’t want to go out anymore. I found joy in my room lol. It was peaceful. The first two weeks of those curtains being up was complete bliss.

So I thought.

I broke down … again. Turns out holding things inside doesn’t work out well for me. Again had about a week or so where I was just down, but still I pushed through. It was just like a wake up call for me that I actually have to deal with stuff and not lock it somewhere deep in my mind.

I made it a point to start back up prayers and fix my daily regimen.

I started finding affirmations and quotes that that resonated with me or that moved me or that struck a chord  to help encourage me throughout the day and it helped. I shared daily quotes on IG reels, because I thought maybe this would serve as a reminder to start my day on a positive note and also serve others.

And it actually resonated with some people, which makes my heart smile. I have decided to stop doing the daily quotes, but will definitely figure out a way to incorporate it into my content.

If 2021 taught me anything, it is letting go of things that I can’t control. Taking control of how I respond to things that upset me or have me in my feelings. I think everyone wants to have control over everything in their life and wants it to go a certain away, but that’s just not how it goes.

Taking the focus off of things I can’t control and focusing on what I can. And what I can control is me.

Which brings me to my motto for 2021.

Stepping into my purpose.

I’ve done a lot of thinking this year. Finding ways to stay the course, to not get in that feeling or state of being broken. I’ve done a lot of comparing myself to other content creators online. I’ve compared myself to other moms and the time they have spent with their moms. I’ve focused on others success more so than mine.

And the list can go on.

I really wasn’t focused on me in 2021 until around my birthday and still had a hard time until end of November. There’s a lot of things that come with stepping into my purpose and I can’t wait to take you all along my journey.

It’s time.

What about you? What is something you learned in 2021?

CIAO Beauties, XOXO.