It’s no secret that Sunday’s are meal prep days. I mean its typically the best day to meal prep, because that is you starting the week with a healthy start and one less thing to worry about during the week. Having all your meals planned out and in the fridge makes me feel accomplished and empowered to crush my goals. Back in my younger days my meal prep days were sacred to me.

Now fast forward a few years from now.

Even though I know the benefits of meal prep, I really despise it because it’s such a hassle and very time consuming. And I don’t have the time to make different meals, so I am constantly eating the same thing daily. Making my meal prep pretty redundant and boring. You guys know I always say how busy I am and how many hats I wear that I am thankful to say my  prayers have been answered, and maybe for you too!

I have been introduced to Eat to Evolve!

Let me tell you guys they are a one of a kind company that makes reaching your goals 100x easier. They are owed and operated by a licensed doctor and classically trained chef. No matter what your goals are, whether it comes to losing weight, gaining weight, or a restricted diet. Evolve has you covered.

If you have a busy lifestyle or you simply don’t have the discipline to meal prep Eat to Evolve Is the answer. Each meal is prepped by their in-house chef and packaged weekly. There is no need to worry about the quality of the food because they are delivered by refrigerated trucks and the meals are always fresh not frozen. They cater to  many different lifestyle choices from Gluten Free, Paleo, Evolve30, Keto, and Primal.

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I just received my second order of meals yesterday and decided to record a video for you all to see how it comes and what all I ordered.

I am pumped to see what changes I  see in my overall health by having nutritious pre-made meals ready to go. This will help me with reaching my goals a lot quicker and also one less thing I have to worry about.

And you guys know I have a code for you to use! Check out Eat to Evolve and you can receive 20% off your first order. Make sure you placed your order by 10 AM CST on Fridays to have your meals shipped out on Monday morning.

Thank me later!!


If you have any questions please contact me or leave a comment below.