Hi Beauties!

On this episode of Coffee with Sims. I’m going to give you a peek inside my marriage. Anytime I tell people that my husband and I got married within 5 months of knowing each other, I get a shocked look. And I always say how I will give the details one day.

Well, today is our 4 year anniversary and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane, so I could feel all the butterflies all over again.

This is the part where you grab your cup of joe, or drink of choice, because it’s story time.


So, first here is the background story. Both Mo and I ere on a Muslim dating app called MuzMatch. I didn’t spend too much time on the app and I don’t even remember much of who I saw on there. I was looking for something serious, because that’s where I was at that point in my life.

I don’t remember the EXACT date, but it was mid January of 2017 when I randomly get a DM from Mo on Instagram.

Mo was a total creepster by the way!

He sent me a screenshot of my MuzMatch profile asking if that was me. I was hesitant at first, but you know I answered, and said yes. He was also asking me how I knew Lanre or whatever, because he saw that I left a comment on his IG.

You know how we go through comments on other peoples post and then click on the profile. Well that’s how Mo found me on IG. I was like this is wild and weird, but hey he knows my family. Before we talk further, because I’m honestly just not too sure about it … I sent my sister a screenshot of him on WhatsApp and asked her if she thought I should give it a shot. She was like yeah, it’s nothing serious. Just talk to him, you never know what can come out of it.

So, we start talking. And of course, since he claims to know my family back home in Nigeria. Y’all know I had to do some research. I’m messaging a few of my cousins to get the 411  trying to find out what’s up with this dude. And little did I know,he was doing the same.

Well everything checks out, so I’m like okay cool … I guess I don’t have to cut him off.

I’m in Dallas and he’s in Kansas. And I remember we weren’t even talking for two weeks  and he wanted me to come out there for one of his friends birthday trip. I was like pump the brakes sir no thank you. I would say from the time we started talking end of January to mid March, we were always on the phone. Whether it was text, a phone call, or FaceTime I felt like we were glued to one another.  Oh and one funny point is, I actually stopped picking up his FaceTime at the beginning. He always wanted to be on FaceTime and  I’m shy af, then he backed off, and I was like no come back lol. Mo was getting his Masters and spring break was coming up in March, so he decided to spend that time in Dallas that way we could finally meet.


Mo gets to Dallas and I’m nervous as hell, because I’m like okay this is real. We had an amazing weekend together and I instantly fell in love with him. It was like it was solidified right then and there. My cousin was hanging with us too and she was like girl you are in love, its written all over your face. The butterflies were crazy that weekend. I just said I know and was blush hard af.

This is where it gets a little crazy. I had previously mentioned to my parents that this guy I was talking to was coming out to see me. Y’all my dad was like don’t think some boy is coming to see my daughter but not coming to see me! I was like hmm okay this is awkward. I told Mo about it and he was obviously like whoa that’s a bit much, but he ended up meeting both of my parents before he left.

Y’all tell me why less than a month, I went to Kansas in April  to celebrate his birthday. Flew out and everything. I remember I missed my flight back home, so we ate at Texas Roadhouse and found a hotel that was near the airport for the next morning. I don’t even think we got much sleep that night. We stayed up talking and I remember Mo asking me that he still feels that I’m holding back and closed  off that he wanted me to open up more. I think that night is when I decided okay fine.

Anyways, he we get to the airport the next morning and we are both looking sad af knowing that I’m about to be right back in Kansas in May for his graduation. I’m checking in and Mo hand me an envelope and says I shouldn’t open it till I’m on the plane. Okay, whatever. I’m on the plane and its this cute card that says I love you. That was a slick move right there in addition to our conversation the night prior. He had me. I was hooked from there.

I’m back in Texas and  we are carrying our usual conversations almost every day. We both start to realize that our feelings for one another are pretty strong and that we are moving pretty fast. When I say we tried to back off a few times, whether it was coming from my end or his, there was no backing off.

Fast forward to May. I’m back in Kansas for the weekend to celebrate Mo graduating with his Masters. The weekend comes to a close and we, yes we, Mo and I packed up all his belongings in my little four door headed back to Texas. Less than two weeks being in Texas and crashing together, we are married.

And the rest is history ♥️

This day, May 30, 2021, four years ago. I said I do and even though he gets on my last nerves, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And to my husband, regardless of the ups and downs that we go through in our marriage. I’m here for the ride. May Allah continue to bless this union and remind us to be patient with one another. Here’s to another year.



Till next time!!