Let’s be honest, every day is pretty much Mother’s Day, but I appreciate the fact that there is one day to celebrate and praise the women who raised us. I am a mother now and there have been countless times that I wondered how my own mother raised 5 kids. She is the utmost definition of a mother, she sacrificed so much and was dedicated to all of her kids.

As for me, this will be my third Mother’s Day. Being Ashraf’s mom has been one of the greatest blessings from God and I can’t imagine my life without my Papa. Being a mom is not easy work, because we wear so many hats. There are so many expectations put on moms  — cook, bedtime routine for the littles, cook, stylist, chauffeur, clean, and on and on … with all that going on it is hard to set aside time for ourselves. But, guess what we do it! That is what we call superwomen.

Being a mother has opened up my eyes and made me realize what I want. It helped me understand that I have to take care of myself and not get lost in the expectations of being a “perfect” mama. And just truly loving me.

Motherhood can be difficult and that mommy guilt can sneak in every now and again, but you, Mama, are doing enough. You all know that I am huge on self care and preach to all not losing their identity as a mother, so I encourage all of my mother’s out there to actually take some time out for yourself today. We pour so much into our loved ones that we sometimes forget to fill our own cup. Filling up your cup could be sleeping, getting dressed up, working out, watching television … whatever form of self care that makes you feel good. Do it, especially today. I promise your people will be okay and they’ll probably thank you for it because you’ll have your energy back and look refreshed.


Am I taking my own advice? Yes, you better believe it, but with an ounce of mommy guilt! I am currently in Chicago and its amazing. I have allowed myself to take a step back, to relax. Though, that negative voice is in my head making me feel bad that I’m not with my husband and son today, but they will both be just fine. And I’ll be fine too. I’m allowing myself to live and do things that I want, so that when I get back to Texas I’ll be happier, energized, and refreshed.

To all my mother’s out there, including the mothers who have experienced infertility, a miscarriage, or the loss of a child, I pray that you all feel so loved and celebrated today. Regardless of what season you find yourself in you are doing great and you have people that love. Please take some time today to soak in and appreciate your hard work, because you are the glue.

Here are a few of my favorite moment with Ash and I!


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