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Lately, I have been trying to figure out how to balance work and life, because I’ve been in go go go mode for quite sometime now. There is always so much to do in both my personal and professional life, that I make sure my wellness routine is where it needs to be. Whether you’re a nine to fiver, entrepreneur, or a stay at home mom life can get hectic and feel as though the list never ends.

Because I know that so many women are in the same boat as myself, I’ve teamed up with BabbleBox to share some products that have honestly rejuvenated my wellness routine just in time for spring!

Apple Cider Vinegar Prebiotic Shots – Ginger Turmeric from Bragg

First up we have the well known Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Prebiotic Shots that has: one tbsp of their raw, un-filtered apple cider vinegar mixed with honey, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and fresh ginger. I seriously love that they have these cute little shots that I can quickly grab and even take on the go if I need to.  Gut health is so vital, so these organic shots are perfect for supporting a quick cleanse and helping you rebalance

Head on over to and use code BRAGG20 to save 20%.


Intensive Foot Repair and Multi-Purpose Nail Repair from Kerasal

I am always on my feet, especially working out all the time. I walk outside barefoot, just because, don’t judge me… but I love the way the bottom of my soles feel on the concrete. Thank goodness for Kerasal’s Intensive Foot  Repair and Multi-Purpose Nail Repair, because my feet have been pretty dry lately.

I love using the Nail Repair to bring nails back to life after removing the acrylic. Might I add that the application is super easy and even hydrates and smoothes out your nails.

The  Intensive Foot Repair is an exfoliating moisturizer that both hydrates and moisturizes dry feet while exfoliating away the dead skin. As I went through my bed time routine I applied to my dry feet and wore my socks to bed, the results were visible within 1 day! Oh and did I mention that it’s clinically proven to loosen hard, dry skin!  Take a look at the picture below to see for yourself.


Check out Kerasal’s coupon page to receive a sweet discount!

All-In-One and Sensitive Skin Liquid Bandage from New Skin

I am 100% here for the New Skin All-In-One Liquid Bandage! These are such an amazing option to have especially since they work where bandages can’t while providing a flexible seal and they kill 99.% of germs!. I workout in my garage gym and outside now that the suns is out, which is helping me heal my blisters and cuts. I really love the fact that it is waterproof and I’ll still be able to stay protected while working out. Learn more about them here, they also have an option for sensitive skin that is hypoallergenic.


Sugar Face Scrubs from Tree Hut

So excited to have added Sugar Face Scrubs by Tree Hut to my skincare routine. These face scrubs are made with 100% natural exfoliants that gently buff away dry skin and impurities which is important to me because I pretty much sweat everyday. If I had to pick a favorite, trust me its a hard choice, it would be the Hydrating Watermelon & Cactus Water Sugar Face Scrub; leaving my skin hydrated and soft! Check out the other varieties below that are made to brighten, exfoliate, hydrate, nourish, and purify the face.

Brightening Pineapple & Papaya Face Scrub 

Purifying Blueberry & Turmeric Face Scrub

Nourishing Banana & Oat Face Scrub

Beef Sticks from CHOMPS

If you are a huge snacker like me, look no further, and grab yourself some CHOMPS Beef Sticks.  If you are not new to my blog, then you know I am big on Whole30 approved food and obsessed over the fact that these healthy meat snacks made the cut! If you are into keto, they are keto certified as well. CHOMPS uses the highest quality beef and venison that are 100% grass-fed and finished and free-range turkey. CHOMPS are free of added sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, added nitrates or nitrites, and artificial preservatives or coloring, and artificial sweeteners. Use code BABBLE20 to receive 20% off your CHOMPS order today using code BABBLE20!

What products above are you going to add to your Wellness routine for Spring?