Wow, has it really been more than seven months since I’ve last posted a coffee with Sims!? Well my loves, I’m back.

Welcome to Season II Episode I of Coffee with Sims.

Where do I even begin?

Unfortunately, believe it or not, my thoughts on wanting it all still align with my last episode from the first season of Coffee with Sims|Wanting it all.

(Go back and read that post if you haven’t already!) 

When I start BarbelleBeautyy back in 2017, it was just to create an outlet, I had no idea what direction it was going to go in.

Then, I soon found out that I was pregnant! Boy did things slow down and change for me. After learning about my pregnancy and having Ashraf, my blog really became my saving grace. I was going through so much change and even though my family was there anytime I needed them I felt so alone. And that partly had to do with my husband being away and working on the field while I was pregnant. I was so thankful that he decided to come home for good a few months later after Ash was born.

I would share about motherhood and give monthly updates about Ash and what he was up to (Meet Ash here)! I am just so happy I did that, because I get to go back and relive those moments. The best part about it is that he will be able to learn about himself as well as a baby one day. I began sharing my postpartum depression and weight loss journey which help me in more ways than I can imagine. I built a small community, I was featured in Women’s Health Mag and thats when I knew I wanted to reach more people. Let them know that they aren’t alone, because I had to even remind myself to by my own body goals.  Every body is literally different.

I came up with Coffee with Sims as an outlet to just get away from the stresses in life and I’m realizing how helpful it truly was. I really sat down with a cup of coffee as I write these and feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend.

So, here I am at 5:00 AM in the morning drinking my cup of coffee wanting to update you guys. And yes, 5:00 AM because I am fasting from sun up to sun down. Well if you haven’t already, grab your cup of joe or drink of choice and let’s see what I’ve been up to.

  1. My biggest accomplishment this year is becoming a homeowner. Let me tell y’all something and it may be a bit sad to admit. In my head, I always knew I was going to get a house and I was fine from moving from apartment to apartment, year after year. And I hate moving!!! My husband is the one who has always set his sights on having a home for our family. So, last year during quarantine he was like let’s just randomly go look at houses. We go and in my mind I’m like whatever let’s go ahead and look at the houses … I’m sure we will be in another apartment the following year. Long and behold … I was in my house. a year later.  It feels pretty damn good even though there is so much to buy lol. I’m just so blessed and thankful, because this is a huge accomplishment. So, shout out to my husband for going house hunting during quarantine!

    I am going on year 2 with Fitness Ambassadors, previously known as, Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. I really have yet to have the opportunity to participate in many events, but that was due to the move and then my work schedule. I feel a little bit more settled and my work schedule has changed, which should allow me to participate in things more. Also, two things I am excited about are Fitness Ambassadors is open to anyone and not just Dallas and then two, there is so much more diversity. And I love it!!! I can’t wait to do more things with them, so you all can learn more about them.

  2. I worked with Gymshark guys! Yes, THE Gymshark. Y’all, I was having a rough few days when they first reached out to me last year in November or so and they have no idea how much they turned that day around. I felt honored and that I was really make a difference. I worked with them twice believe it or not. The first one was for their Gymshark66 challenge and this challenge is how I first learned about Gymshark back in 2018. And the second time I worked with them was for Black History month and that is where I shared my story about my nieces, you can read it here. A huge thing that happened with that is I was on their website for the ENTIRE month of Black History month; thanks to my girl Alex, for texting me. Love you girl. And my nieces even had people calling and texting them hyping them up. I’m happy I could do that for them.

    I’m in the process of building my home gym! Once I get a few more things, I’ll definitely be doing a gym tour!

  3. I’m loving my body and ignoring the scale, which was my Gymshark66 pledge.  Currently going 5 months and 2 days strong without stepping on the scale. Its been a lifesaver honestly. I am so happy with where I’m at … I posted this video on my Snapchat yesterday.
  4. I hit 10,000 followers on IG. Don’t believe, just click.

Well beauties! I’m happy to say that I’m back. Hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Don’t forget to subscribe.