My weight loss journey, hmm … where do I start?


If you know me then you know that I don’t necessarily like to restrict myself from certain foods.

I say this time and time again, I’ve literally been playing sports my whole life. Even at the

college level. Honestly, I was never concerned about my weight until freshman year in college and my coach told me I needed to lose weight. I said okay, but in my mind, I was dying of laughter and went about my business after that conversation.


I stayed in shape all throughout college, but once I got into the real world … reality hit. I was

getting older and I really didn’t have a reason to stay active. I was in the shower one morning,

looked down and saw nothing but T U M M Y


Y’all, that has literally never happened to me in my life, well at that time anyway.


Immediately I got it together, joined 24-hour fitness, and was obsessed with turbo kick. Soon after joined CrossFit fell in love because it made me feel like a real athlete again. I found my groove. Then life hit.


Sis got married, then pregnant. Ate all the food. Worked out all of 10 times during her pregnancy. Gained 70 pounds.


After I had Ash, I was determined to lose weight. I was nearing 280 pounds on the scale, that is

almost 300 pounds. Can you guys believe that? I type that out now and it is wild to me. I will

never let my weight get that far from me again. I was definitely in dangerous territory.


Man. I am just now realizing that I’ve done pretty damn well as I type this out. I’m about 2.5 years into my weight loss journey postpartum and I’m losing the weight slowly, but surely. I am eating the right food majority of the time, but still enjoy the sweets that I love so dearly. Like, I’m sorry there’s no way I will strip myself from eating all the candies and desserts!


Believe it or not, I still want to lose about 25-30 pounds, just depending on how my body looks.

I am currently fluctuating. Between 203 – 207 pounds. I did lose a good amount of weight

during quarantine; I was even weighing in at 191 pounds. I’ve obviously gained that back. Just,

life gets in the way sometimes.


That being said, your girl is back on it. I plan on starting Whole30 next Monday and as previous

cycles, I have always shared my journey with you. I wholeheartedly believe that Whole30 is the

way to go for me, because whenever I meal prep my meals are typically Whole30 compliant

which works out pretty perfectly. I cannot use a scale, which I plan on getting rid of here soon. I

think it’s unhealthy, because I step on it at least once a day. Papa even stands on it too. Pretty

sure, he’s mimicking me. How embarrassing, smh!!


I’ve been beating myself up because I don’t look a certain way after having a baby 2 years ago,

but that’s just the little voice in my head trying to beat me down. Ya girl looks damn good, rolls and all.


So, my tip for all of you looking to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain your weight, or whatever

your journey looks like; keep going. Don’t give up. You will have your bad days, weeks, or

months (let’s try to stay away from the months lol), but as long as you make one small change

… it’ll make the world of the difference at the end.


I am going to take you guys along my weight loss journey for the fifth time. Can’t wait for you guys  to get a deeper look. Things will look a lot different this time around, so stay tuned.

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