Ever since I started improving my relationship with food, I was on the lookout for ways that I could decrease my sugar intake. I soon came across SmartSweets candy and have been hooked ever since. It was the perfect alternative to having something sweet without consuming so much sugar.

SmartSweets candy gives you the taste you love without the sugar or the guilt that comes with indulging in a whole bag of candy! One bite in, you won’t even notice the sugar missing. These gummies are seriously freaking delicious!

I definitely feel like, compared to the candy we eat on a regular, SmartSweets is a healthier alternative. They currently offer six different types of gummies which consist of, Sweet Chews, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Blast Buddies, Fruity Gummy Bears, Peach Rings, and my favorite Sweet Fish. 


Shhhh … I heard there’s a new flavor coming out!!!

I think my favorite thing about this brand is that I am able to eat the ENTIRE BAG without trying to see how many “pieces” equal one serving. There is only one serving in each package and sometimes I catch myself thinking I need to only eat half of the bag, but remember it’s SmartSweets! 

Want some facts? Your typical package contains only 35g of carbohydrates which is 28g of dietary fiber and 3g of natural sugars. There are no added sugars people!!! SmartSweets literally has anywhere from 75-87% less sugar than your traditional candy. It is free from alcohol, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and colors. 

If you are like me and want to improve your relationship with food and decrease your sugar intake then I highly recommend to try out their variety of options.

You can go to SmartSweets to get your own box of goodies and use the code SH10 to get 10% off your purchase over $30.  

If you have any health conditions like diabetes, please consult with your doctor first. 

What’s your favorite SmartSweets?