For those of you not familiar with Eid, it marks the end of Ramadan. Typically Muslims attend prayers at the Mosque, listen to a khutba (sermon), and give zakat (charity). This is a time where many Muslims dress in their “Sunday’s best,” spend time with their family, and receive gifts. Rona wanted to ruin it Eid for me, but let me tell you how a box of cookies brightened my day.

My family and I had planned to get together for Eid, because we all had been seeing one another throughout this pandemic. And you guys, if you know me, then you know how HUGE I am when it comes to family. I was so excited to be with all of my family under one roof again and to celebrate Eid together. I was looking forward to donuts in the morning, prayer as a family, the food, the games, and just the blessing of being surrounded by family. Not everyone get this opportunity.

Not even 12 hours till Eid and our little get together was cancelled. Unfortunately, there was someone who had to cancel out of respect for an elder that was concerned about us all being together during the pandemic even though all of us are completely healthy and have been around one another.

You guys, I was literally devastated … like no lie. I was trying to find different ways around it and how we could make it work. I had this big thing planned how I was going to document how Eid went during quarantine. Obviously, it blew up in my face.

I ended up going to my brother’s house and I mean it wasn’t the same, but at least I was surrounded by some family. We watched movies, we ate seafood, and we basically devoured these cookies I ordered from sweeties bakery. She was such a pleasure and showed me the design for the Eid cookies, which I was definitely impressed that she knew what Eid was. She even delivered them.

Who knew cookies would be the highlight of my Eid!

I put a smile on my face as I watched my son, nieces, and nephew enjoying the cookies. LOL, I even raced to finish the last cookie before my little brother could get to it … ha ha. If you’re in the Dallas area please check out Sweetie’s Bakery. The owner’s name is Erin, she specializes in custom sugar cookies for any event! They taste as good as the look. Go to SweetiesBakeryTx for more info and let her know I sent you!

At the end of the day, I was just thankful that I made it through Ramadan and came out a better person. I learned so much about myself and hope to keep growing in my faith. Its bittersweet that Ramadan has ended, but I’m already looking forward the next one.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with Ramadan and celebrating Eid in quarantine. What little things have brought you joy in the midst of the pandemic? During the protest and black lives matter movement?

I loved to hear from you.