Blessed. I am incredibly blessed and thankful for a healthy, thriving, ball of fire 18 month old! You are literally my sunshine, I don’t know how I would get through life without you. I wish time would slow down, because unlike last time … I feel as though time is rushing past me. It’s like I have plans on what I’m going to do, but the day just passes on like nobody’s business. My Papa’s personality is out of this world and I am so excited to share his development with you guys thus far.

I wish I could start off by saying I have finally found a sleep schedule for Papa, but it is still the same. It is still a hassle getting him to settle down for bed, but usually I’ll leave him up with his dad, and pass out. Daddy and I are going to have to sit down and talk, because he doesn’t like the part where Ash cries when I try to sleep train him. And I totally get it, but he really does need to learn that when it is time for bed, its time for bed.


This is Ash terrorizing his dad before bed, lol.

Now, I will say that nap times are more consistent which I am so proud of me for doing. LOL, its really the little things. Since he’s now 18 months old, it is definitely time to get a routine down especially since we are now going to be starting potty training T O M O R R O W! Like, how are we here already?

He has been showing signs since he was 16 months that he was ready to start potty training, but I was just not mentally there yet. And I still don’t think that I am. One of my friends has already started her daughter and I’m just like teach me sis, teach me! So, I may do a potty training series just so you guys can ride along this crazy roller coaster ride with me.

EATING! Ash’s most favorite thing to do. Crazy thing, he has now started being picky about the food he eats. Particularly banana’s, oranges, and milk.  Of all things milk which is such an essential part of his diet. I’ve tried giving him chocolate milk, nestle with milk, and even almond milk. Nothing works, so I’ve had to make sure I give him yogurt! Recently, like yesterday, I gave him some cheese and he LOVED it. It’s so cute hearing him say cheese. I’m hoping that won’t cause any issues since he isn’t taking the milk, but will talk to his doctor once we go to his 18 month check up.

Ashraf is literally talking up a storm! I can’t even count how many words this boy has in his vocabulary. We really do have to watch how we talk and what we say when around him, because he is literally mimicking just about every thing we do. Sign language is getting better slowly, but surely. In addition to the six signs, we’ve added a few like like, thank you and hot, because I haven’t really looked at the book to see what other signs to do on a daily.


OMG, how could I forgot this … so we have been doing flashcards after bath time and I really got to the point where I felt like they were pointless. So one day we were on Snapchat playing with the filters and this cat filter came up, he pointed to it, and yelled out cat! I was super shocked, so yeah flashcards do work they just take some patience.

Tantrums. Y’all. God be with me. I’m honestly not sure how to discipline him. Anytime someone tells him no or ask him to come here he smiles+giggles, then runs away. It is so freaking hard to actually not laugh back with him. I found myself literally yelling at him and had to take a step back and remember that this is not the way. I even called my sister because I was about to cry because he just wasn’t listening to me. Y’all want to know what her response was. She said, “Why are you allowing a baby to make you cry.?” LOL, so much for the encouragement, ha ha. She just said I have to be firm and consistent.


Consistency, literally is the key to pretty much every thing in this life.

In all honesty though, the one person he listens to is me just not all the time. We are going to get there lol, the joys of motherhood.

My boy is just like me, always grabbing a book to read. I love it. His favorite book right now is Baby, Baby, Please by Spike Lee. His mouth is full of teeth and brushing his teeth is still a bit of a hassle, but fun. Any time he is ready to brush his teeth he goes ahhh and sticks out his tongue. 


Well Ashraf, you have 6 more months until you are two and I know it’ll come sooner than I’d like. There will be so many things that we will experience together, so many more first that are coming your way. Blessed is all I can say. I’ll continue to hold you tight as ever with all the craziness going on this world, you’re my calm.


I love you Papa.


Reading books
Being outside
Bath time
Cuddling with mama and daddy
Climbing on any and everything
Singing along to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Being told no
Being in the car for too long
Holding his hand when we are outside
Going to sleep on time
Being sick

Thanks for checking in on Ash! Are you a mom and have experience disciplining your children? What about putting them in time out? Any and all suggestions would be so much appreciate!