Whole30 Round 4|Donezo!


Fourth time successfully completing the Whole30 and this time around it wasn’t bad whatsoever. I am so sorry that I did not do weekly updates, but life got hectic, and honestly, there was no time for me to sit down and write everything out for you guys weekly.

If you haven’t read my latest blog post on why life has been super hectic, you’ll definitely want to take a peep … Stuck in a hard space.

I did the Whole30 again after I said I wouldn’t because for one I was featured in women’s health mag, Simmy Hassan has lost 70 pounds—and she’s getting faster and stronger, which encourage me to go again and then I just needed a reset. I was eating any and everything which needed to S T O P! I don’t know what is was, maybe laziness? I just had to hit that reset button.

I was determined this time to meal prep and try out different dishes. My main source for my recipes were from defined dish. Here are a few of the dishes that I tried out, you can find them at thedefineddish.com 

My take on this is that I will continue to eat in line with the Whole30 guidelines, but I will make sure to enjoy myself, and eat all the junk in moderation! Now, I haven’t been consistent with the intermittent fasting, but I really am going to try and hone in on that because that is definitely something that I feel will work for me. I do tend to have those spells where I just want to eat everything in sight towards the end of the night. I just need to remember to go to sleep earlier and maybe that won’t happen?

Reintroduction. I know I said I was going to do it and I definitely get that it is important , but yeah just not about that life right now. The inflammation that I’m experiencing in my hip arhas decreased significantly, but I am on a mission to pay attention and see what irritates it. LOL, so I guess I am doing a reintroduction in some way?

Head on over to OH SNAP!BEFORE PICTURES ROUND 4, to see progress including, how much weight I loss and measurements.





Hello WHOLE30.


Postpartum feels|Body Image


10 thoughts on “Whole30 Round 4|Donezo!

  1. This program sounds like such a daunting task yet you’ve completed it so many times! You are an inspiration – congrats on the magazine feature!


  2. My husband and I completed the Whole 30 in August with some impressive results that continued to carry into the fall. I am considering trying it again soon, to retrain my taste buds after the longest winter that just makes me want to eat comfort foods and hibernate. I’m still down 12 pounds since this summer, which is a huge accomplishment for me.


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