Happy 2020 my loves!

Feels a little weird saying/writing 2020, doesn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on my 2019 goals (Ciao 2019|A YEAR IN REVIEW) and also set goals for 2020 (2019|It’s been real, bring on 2020). 2019 was definitely a year where I kind of got to find myself all over again, especially with being a new mom and trying to adjust to my new normal.

I will admit that I had more bad times than good and that’s totally okay, because the things that I went through taught me to hold my head high and go after what the f*** I want … screw what everyone else thinks. I won’t go into details, but just know I’ve had enough and am making some decisions to just make sure things go my way this year.

I definitely reach some goals last year and made some head way, but I want 2020 to really be my year. I don’t want to just say it, but I actually want to take action. So here I am, picking 5 goals out of my list of what 14 that I had to make sure I really hone in on them. Here we go, again ...

2020 G O A L S


This will always be top priority for me and always on my conscious. I want to increase my deen which basically means to follow my beliefs more.  And to do that I need to make sure I do my prayers, all 5, and  D A I L Y. So I found an app called Salah Diary in the app store to keep track of my prayers and then also another app, Daily Quran Verses. I plan on being more intentional when it comes to reconnecting with God this year.


OMG, family!! My family man, I love y’all … like I really really love y’all. I’m cheesing so hard as I type this. I really do have an amazing family from my Mom, to my siblings, cousins, and friends that are family.  I promise to be there for each and every one of you as much as I possibly can. I promise to make you guys so proud this year. I promise to continue to annoy the crap out of y’all, definitely won’t let y’all down ha ha. 

To my husband, I cannot wait to do and try new things with you. To strengthen our marriage and continue to learn one another. Here’s to year 3 babe!

 And to my number 1 (cue ugly tears), Ash you have no idea how important you are to me. I mean you are me, I literally pushed you out of me (Was that too much? ha ha). I plan on making so many new memories with you. Buckle up little man so many adventures coming our way this year.




I want to feel that sense of community. I want to be able to help and inspire others.  I plan to get out and volunteer. I also plan on sharing more fitness tips, workout videos included as well. So stay tuned.

I have already taken the steps to do that, so let me go ahead and announce the 2 things that I am proud of myself for so far this year. 

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not know that I am officially apart of the 2020 Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, you can learn more  here. This was actually a goal of mine that I accomplished and I am freaking stoked about it!


Can’t nobody tell me nothinnnnnnn … can’t tell me nothinnnnn :).

And then the second thing is I was interviewed by women’s health magazine regarding my Whole30 journey! Isn’t that awesome!!? Make sure to read and share with your friends!


Financial Stability

Just know that saving money for some reason was never a top priority for me. I have always had the mentality that money goes and it’s okay because it’ll come right back around. No idea why I thought like that and another thing I don’t think it was purposely either. There’s so much that I want to do and I don’t want to just keep packing on more debt.

This year is all about paying off student loans, car note, etc. And the way I’m going to do that is to not spend mindlessly and learn to S A V E all the moneys. There are other things that go into that, but I’ll do that at my 4 month check in loves!

Adios to Self Doubt (Social Anxiety?)

I don’t even know how to approach this to be honest. Okay, I think I have social anxiety! There I said it. I don’t know if I do, but I get super shy and feel like I don’t know what to say in social settings, well if I don’t know you already. And I’m not that girl to just go up to a complete stranger and just start a conversation. This is something that has been going on for like 4 years and it happened out of nowhere. I never thought of it as something, but it is definitely something, and it needs to go away.

I have already taken the steps by starting this blog, duh. LOL. Applying and being accepted as a Dallas Fitness Ambassador, agreeing to do an interview with women’s health magazine, and then one thing I haven’t share with you guys is that I am one of five  leads at a fitness studio in Dallas, Class Studios to be exact. Please come and check us out, the place is freaking amazing. I’ve been in a leadership position before, but something about this feels different?

Anyways, there’s just a lot of personal growth to be done. I plan on building many relationships this year and again putting myself in uncomfortable a** situations so wish me luck.

I’m still going to be focusing on my goals from my previous post, but these are the big ones. What about you!? Are you all set to take on 2020? Do any of my goals resonate with you at all? Make sure to leave a comment below and have an amazing weekend.




2019|It’s been real, bring on 2020


Goodbye Whole30.