Saying goodbye to 2019 and reflecting on all the positive things I did.

  • My relationship with God is still a work in progress, I did attend the Mosque more than usual, and was also able to fast a couple of times as well. My prayers are still a work in progress, so may Allah make it easy for me.
  • Motherhood is challenging, but I love it. I’m doing what I can and thank God daily for this huge blessing. I sometimes experience mom guilt, but at least I’m learning to not let the pressure of how I motherhood should look.
  • I have done such an amazing job this year at self care it has taken me awhile, but I’m finally taking care of me.
  • Me and my girls are struggling a little bit lol to get together monthly, but I am so anxious for our 3rd Annual Vision Board Soiree! I plan on making it an amazing event.
  • My social media count has grown and it is continuing to grow even more. I just need to be more aggressive with it because I have been getting noticed and I am actually getting a couple of opportunities.
  • I have gotten better with my procrastination and honestly, just recently. Probably early November is when I started to get my butt in gear.
  • I still suck at being financially disciplined, but your girl has order herself a financial planner, so wish me luck. I already have a plan put in place.
  • Yo y’all already know your girl got her CrossFit mojo back and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I have so many things in store for you guys in 2020 its possible I may blow your minds!!
  • Whole30 made me self conscious of what I eat and I can’t wait to start it again on the 1st of January! Yes I know I said I was done, but I just can’t let it go, Goodbye Whole30. , it really helped with my healthy eating habits. And I have lost over 70+ pounds post baby, so go me!
  • I still don’t know how to say no, I always want to give a helping hand even when I know that I have a million and one other things to do.
  • I’m still working on meeting new people but hey I have some great news so stay tuned.
  • Living my best life, I sure am. Regardless of what I have going on, you’ll always find me with a smile, because I am blessed. 

Well there you have it! My year in review, have you taken a moment to reflect on this past year? If not, you most definitely should and start planning for 2020.

Share below in the comments what you have accomplished and then head on to 2019|It’s been real, bring on 2020 to see what my goals are for the New Year!!!