Wow, my babes is 15 months( 2 weeks ago) and he is definitely one of the most busiest babies that I’ve ever dealt with. For once I can say time felt as though it had slowed down a bit. I feel like his 1st birthday was such a long time ago, but in reality it has only been 3 months.. I don’t know why I feel as if time has slowed down, because I swear there are not enough hours in the day to get things done, whatsoever.

Ashraf doesn’t sleep anymore guys. I miss those days when I’d just put him down around 9:30 and he just would immediately fall asleep. I definitely blame myself for this one. Our routine is kind of non existent and I really want to get back into it. I believe he just needs a routine in place and things will be better. Ash does still sleep in the same room with us in the pack and play, but somehow ends up right back in the bed with us on some nights. I try and get in the bed early with him, but it usually end up with Ashraf climbing everywhere and pulling on my hair or biting his dad (smh lol)!!!!

Papa is still E A T I N G just about anything and I’m pretty sure if you just keep giving him food then he will continue to eat it. We went to my brothers house yesterday and he just kept finding food … like how do I handle this. My sister says that I’m going to have to get a handle on it, because we are not going to want him to think that is okay. LOL … like I’m really about to have to start disciplining which I can’t imagine doing. Despite him always wanting to eat everything in sight, I am blessed that I don’t have a picky eater, because a couple of my friends have told me their struggles with their babies and food. Shout out to you mamas, I know its not easy.


OMG now lets forget about the boring stuff and get into all the new developments that have happened these past 3 months.

Ash is talking a lot, majority of the words I don’t understand, but there a few that I understand. My favorite word thus far is mommy!! Like, he is really calling me mommy in order to get my attention. I swear every single time I hear him say it my heart melts, I’m just like whatever you want you have my love.

He has a few others words like eat, night-night, and stop. They say babies start talking between 15 – 18 months so I am so excited to see what new words he will pick up. He knows about 5 signs, eat, sleep, all done (finish), milk, goodnight, and bath. I’m not aggressive with the sign language, but will start incorporating more signs in our daily conversations. I’ll try to get a video for you guys in the 18 month update showing all of the signs he does know, but here’s one of him signing for eat.

Oh and this boy  has started with tantrums y’all. Like, what!? I was not ready for that whatsoever and the whining is just the most annoying thing ever. I don’t know how to discipline him honestly, because I try to be stern, and he smiles then I smile. Which isn’t helping, but I know he knows what he’s doing because there are times when I tell him to bring me something, he walks toward me as though he is going to give it to me, and then he starts running away from me as he is laughing. My little boy has my hands full.


He loves when I read to him and he’ll even bring me a book so I can read to him. As we read he uses his finger to trace the words to show that he is following along.  There are times when he will also point to pictures and start talking as if he is reading to me. Its truly a beautiful thing to witness him grow.


His molars finally grew and I feel like his teeth are just popping out of nowhere …  THERE ARE SO MANY!!  I just realized it about a week go while brushing his teeth. OMG, mama’s brushing his teeth is so hard and weird to me. How do you mama’s do it, I tell him to open his mouth and say ahhh, but majority of the time he is sucking on the toothbrush or wanting complete control. It’s such a whirlwind in the mornings.

Ash you test me daily, but boy do I love you. I am so excited to see the human being that you will grow into and for our future together. You bring me so much happiness every day regardless if the days are sad or stressful.

W 26 lbs| H 33 in


Reading books
Being outside
Bath time
Cuddling with mama and daddy
Climbing any and everything
Opening all the doors and cabinets
Singing daddy finger


Being told no
Being in the car for too long
Holding his hand when we are outside
Going to sleep on time
Being sick

Things I want to remember.

How he giggles when we play peek-a-boo, tag, or tickling wars
How my heart melts every time he calls me mommy
How he literally runs back and forth, sometimes in circles non stop.
How excited he is when either myself or my husband comes home

Thanks for following along, toddler hood is in full effect people! How old are you babies right now? What’s your favorite part of this stage? Or what has been your favorite part about Ash in this post?