F I N A L L Y completed a second round of the Whole30, go ahead guys … round of applause please. LOL, lets take a look into last week.

DAY 22 – DAY 26

You guys have no idea how hard this last week was for me, surprisingly. I was honestly just over it. I was eating the same meals, day in and day out. Which was my doing, because I really didn’t feel like trying anything new. That’s basically why there weren’t any pictures really on this round because it was the same thing, basically every day.

I will say this though, I was feeling pretty freaking amazing at this point. The inflammation in my hip has decreased significantly. Morning workouts are now a piece of cake, running outside has become fun to me, and just feeling my body change gave me the reassurance that the Whole30 is the T R U T H.

DAY 27 – DAY 30

I decided not to work out for the entire week and just relax, so I could sleep in more. The last four days were a piece of cake. I did not have one issue,mainly because Salata and Snap Kitchen supplied my meals. I didn’t cook which made things a lot easier, I kind of felt like I was on some sort of vacation from cooking … lmao. It was so refreshing.

But I did it,  goodbye Whole30!

Check out my final thoughts on the Whole30 and to see how much I weight I lost, here. Or just click here, to see the changes in my measurements + weight + of course, before + after picture.




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Hello WHOLE30.