Yo, I officially have 9 more days left! I made it through week three and I couldn’t be more happier. Y’all know I’ve been struggling for months now just to complete another round of the Whole30! So lets take a look at this past week. 

DAY 15 – 18

Week 3 started off amazing! This time around that tiger blood definitely kicked in. I honestly felt amazing. I ate the same thing day in and day out. I really have sucked though this go around of taking pictures of my food. I am supposed to do another round in January with a couple of friends and hope I do a much better job at providing you guys of pictures and more details when it comes to the food. The week went by pretty fast per usual and thankfully was a piece of cake for me.

DAY 19-20

It’s Saturday and my excitement about the Whole30 has slowly drifted away!! I went to a birthday brunch at this placed called Johnathan’s in Dallas and I had potatoes with eggs and turkey sausage. Right after that I went to my sisters fueled up on fruits and then ended up cooking salmon with veggies + potatoes for dinner. Sunday I was a bum once again which was nice and I finally got a glider for Ash’s room. I wasn’t going to get it, because he’s already one, but we can still use it!! There was no temptation to break my Whole30, so yeah weekend went very smoothly!

DAY 21

Monday, I literally woke up with a huge smile and tons of energy. My body was feeling amazing and waking up to just make the usual, eggs + spinach + turkey sausage, had me ready to conquer the day. In addition to first drinking water in the morning, I have now started drinking tea instead of water just to get my day going. LOL, funny thing, the tea I’m drinking is called a cup of sunshine, so maybe that’s what had me grinning from ear to ear. I just feel so much better and the pain in my hip has decreased significantly! I’m ready for the reintroduction phase to see what is causing the inflammation. Well guys, I’m ready to kick the last 9 days in the butt. Here we go!

Check out my before pictures + measurements here, OH SNAP!BEFORE PICTURES ROUND 3Wish me luck on week 4, xoxo! 




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