I can’t believe I made it through week 2 y’all!


DAY 8 – DAY 11

Honestly, I was just so over the Whole30. Eating the same thing over and over again was just really getting on my nerves. Now, one positive thing is that my energy levels are definitely on the up and up which is nice. I was debating on just stopping, but I put it in my mind that I only have 2 more weeks to go.  I ended up going to a birthday dinner on Friday, I had broccoli, salmon, and potatoes (thank God potatoes are Whole30 compliant!) and some of my friends were praising me on my weight loss journey. Little did they know they just encouraged me to push a little bit more.

DAY 12 – DAY 13

Weekend was cool. Saturday I went to a toddler’s birthday party and that was about it. And then Sunday I was a straight up bum.

DAY 14

Yesterday may have been the toughest of my Whole30 round 3. I didn’t wake up in time to get to CrossFit, so I had to go right after work. I had it my mind though that starting yesterday, Monday, I would run everyday until my Whole30 is over.  And that’s because I’m just trying to ensure that I love more than 5 lbs, don’t judge me. Once I got home, I ran and then headed back to CrossFit. After CrossFit, I went grocery shopping then home to cook dinner. While cooking dinner, I meal prepped, cleaned, got Ash ready for bed, and so much more. Let’s just say your girl was exhausted. I cooked spaghetti for Ash and his dad it took a lot of will NOT to make me a serving, instead I enjoyed my salad + grilled chicken. Now I’m running on four hours of sleep + 3 cups of coffee! Bring on week 3!!

So basically what I had for breakfast was an egg scrambled (again) with sliced avocado, lunch consisted of  sweet potatoes mixed with butternut squash + salmon + broccoli, and then for dinner was just a salad with grilled chicken. Have any of you guys ever had blackberries in their salad? For some reason I decided to throw a few in there and I was not disappointed one bit. Oh and it is confirmed, I suck at taking pictures, lol maybe next week will be better. 

Thankfully I lost some inches this go around!

Check out my before pictures + measurements here, OH SNAP!BEFORE PICTURES ROUND 3. Wish me luck on week 3, xoxo! 




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