My beautiful boy you are one. You are officially a toddler, but you will forever, and always be my baby. 



I feel like it was just yesterday that I took that pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant at work. I remember going to get an ultrasound and already panicking because they couldn’t find you at 5 weeks or maybe it was 8 weeks. I remember laying in bed at night feeling comforted by your kicks and movements since your father was away at work. I remember when I first saw you, you instantly made everything better for me. I’ve never, in my life, known a love like this.

This year has went by so fast. And it has taught me to spend time with my loved ones as much as I can. It has most definitely taught me to enjoy every single moment with you Papa. You are my light, I will love you always. I promise to be the best mother that I can be, and that’ll I’ll be by your side every step of the way.Life has been C R A Z Y with a one year old and it is a lot more work, hence why I’m typing up his 12 month update a month late. This probably won’t be my last time expressing this, but it is absolutely mind blowing that I had a whole baby more than a year ago. I still want time to slow down and I’m still trying to figure out how to stretch it out. The time will never be enough.

Papa is truly the light in my life, he keeps me on my feet, and going. I have the most fun when we are lounging around the house playing tag. This little guy is on the go 24/7, I always wonder how in the heck he has all this energy! Playtime is no longer sedentary and I don’t ever think it will be again, ha ha.

Man, there was one night, after his bath that I was playing with him, and it was as if he could N O T stop laughing. Like to the point that I thought, “Is this boy okay?,”  he was laughing for at least 10 minutes straight.The huge smile on his face and his giggles makes me forget about anything negative going on in my life or the world. It was honestly just a breath of fresh air. I’m just so happy that I can be that person to fill him with joy, I at least know I’m doing one thing right, you know?

My mans, for the most part, is letting us sleep through the night. If I had to give it a percentage, I would say about 88% of the time he gives us no issues. There are times when he just wants to play or sleep with us in the bed. I’m not currently sleep training or anything and I think that is just fine. Its working for me as of now.


I will say that we finally just put his crib together in his room, so who knows maybe I’ll change my mind.

Okay, so y’all remember when I was saying that I have was having separation anxiety in the 11 months with Ash update? Well, I’ve been staying home with Ash and I’ve never changed so many diapers in my life. I have never liked changing diapers, especially poopy ones (they are the worse!!!!), and I don’t think I ever will. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!! Just wanted to share that.

My boy is such a good eater, he will eat anything. I do have to hide the certain veggies like spinach in things, so he will eat them. One time I just sauteed some veggies and put them on the side. This boy picked them up from his plate one by one and dropped them onto the floor! Smart boy.


Breastfeeding at this point is pretty much done. I did want to at least have some on hand so when he wakes up in the middle of the night or even right before bed I’d be able to give him a bottle of breast milk. I do give him bottles of whole milk every now and then, but for some reason it doesn’t sit right with me? Am I the only mom who feels this way?

For my moms out there. How long did you breastfeed for? Did you or are you going to give your little one whole milk? Also, what are your views on sleep training? I’m still learning here and would love your insight. 

I have officially stopped with the on the counter tub baths. I even made sure to leave his tub at my moms house, so that I no longer used it! At first he was a little hesitant in getting in the tub with these foreign bubbles, but now he is a pro I tell you. I usually let him sit and play in the tub at the most for 30 minutes or until he’s ready to get out. Yes, for 30 minutes! I sometimes sit there and read or play with him.


This boy is running everywhere and sometimes I feel like in his mind he is faster than me and that I cannot catch him. When he does this, I sometimes get in my feelings because this is just another thing that shows me he is growing up. I don’t want him to grow up too fast on me, the next thing you know he will be leaving me to hang out with his friends!!!

Cherish every single moment you have with your kids. Go out and play. Cuddle and hold them a bit longer.

Ash loves his bath times. He loves watching Cocomelon on YouTube, but I think he is starting to enjoy Sesame Street and Paw Patrol now. He loves playing tag and peek-a-boo. He enjoys pulling on my hair and daddy’s nose whenever we’re sleeping and wants to wake us up. He loves climbing over things, taking the toys out of the bin, and running around the entire place. He loves talking and most importantly food. My boy loves food!

He really doesn’t like anyone wiping his nose, you would think that someone has pinched him the way he starts yelling and crying. He doesn’t like to sit in his high chair for too long once he’s finished eating. And he really really hates his car seat! Oh which brings me to my mom fail, Ash needs a new car seat! I think this is the reason for his episodes when we try and put him in the car!

And that wraps up our monthly updates!!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Mommy loves you.



Thanks for reading my loves, xoxo!