Here is a short recap of week 1!


DAY 1 – DAY 2

Um …. you know how I always say that starting something new is always refreshing!? Well it wasn’t this time around for some reason, the first two days were horrible and I was just so over it! I was literally craving everything there was to crave, mainly sweets. I don’t know if I was having withdrawals from sugar or what! I honestly ate like 4 banana’s Wednesday (day 2) just to try and curb my sweet tooth.

DAY 3 – DAY 5

Thursday, day 3, was such a beautiful day. Maybe it was the banana’s that helped me from the previous day? It felt like it was a new day. Things were going pretty smooth, meals were prepped and packed … so life was good. Friday I went to go eat with bae and the food was delicious. I had sweet potato fries ( they cooked in avocado oil for me), steak, and steamed broccoli. And Saturday, I didn’t do too much but go to a poetry night at a coffee shop, so I was just feeling really good at this point.

Oh and I only drink my coffee black, so yes still going strong

DAY 6 – DAY 7

Smooth sailing. Sunday, I didn’t do too much but give my bed the much needed attention it deserved! Don’t judge me, but I basically ate plantain all day, cooked in avocado oil (avocado oil is my thing)! And I didn’t meal prep, so Monday I had eggs with spinach + turkey sausage and since I didn’t have time to pack lunch, I just had my veggie salad to go. As of now, I’m feeling as if I’m on my A game, so yeah 7 days down … 23 more to go.

So basically what I had for breakfast was an egg scrambled, lunch consisted of  a veggie salad with chicken, and then dinner was just the veggie salad and some pistachios. I was pretty much sucked at taking pictures, but I got you guys next week!!


Check out my before pictures + measurements here, OH SNAP!BEFORE PICTURES ROUND 3. Catch ya next week, xoxo! 



Whole30|Why it’s not for me!!

I kicked the Whole30 in the butt!

Hello WHOLE30.