A couple of days ago, I was hanging out at my sister’s house, and my brother in law ask me how old Ash is now, I told him 6 months. Everyone just laughed and told me to stop being in denial. I mean, I know he’s 9 months, but why is time flying by so fast. I remember being a child and the days felt neverending. Ash serves as a daily reminder that I need to enjoy every moment God has blessed me with. Now let’s get to what Mr. Ash has been up to!

We are in a pretty awesome stage right now. His personality is coming out in full force and even though it looks like I’ll have my hands full, I can tell we are going to have so much fun running around together.


My little man is growing, it’s like every day he is just getting bigger right in front of my eyes. It is such a blessing and honor to watch this little one grow.  I just stopped buying clothes that were supposed to fit him, so he’s now in 12-18 month clothes. To all my Mama’s, please buy clothes a few months up, they grow out of their clothes so fast. I still have clothes with the tags on them, because we never got around to wearing them.

We are still going strong with breastfeeding! I honestly did not think I would make it this long. I struggled to make milk for him when I went back to work and now I feel like I’m in a good place with my supply. He has recently bit me a few times, O U C H! Had to tap him a little, so, for now, there hasn’t been any more biting. Now that my milk is slowly getting to where I want it to be, I’m working on building up a stash for him. And it is very important that I do that since I’ll be leaving him for four days in a few weeks. I don’t even want to think about leaving him!

Ash is a pro at eating food. Anytime food is in sight he goes straight for it and sometimes he will start crying or yelling, which I think we have a bit under control now lol. Any mamas have this issue before? If so, is it something to worry about? I don’t think it is, but let me know!! So, we are using the joovy high hair which reclines, I’ll definitely put up a review next week. He eats what I eat and his doctor recommends that I should now be giving him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Giving him baths are becoming a lot more interesting, I still use his tub and now he loves to stand up and look at himself in the mirror. I have tried giving him a bubble bath, ONCE! I didn’t even fill the tub halfway and my husband was like add more water … hahaha.  I know not to leave him and I didn’t, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it. We are moving so things are hectic,  once we get settled in our new place I’m definitely going to try it out again.


And the biggest change this month is that he is officially standing on his own!! He has even taken a few steps without assistance but mostly uses one arm to hold onto things to balance himself while he walks. BABY PROOFING has to happen like now, I’m literally watching him like a hawk, because they move so fast, and anything can happen in a split second. If you have any tips on baby proofing, this girl right here is all ears.


Ash dislikes having his nose wiped, being away from mama, taking naps, being in his pack and play, and being denied food, haha.

Ash loves to be tickled, eating food, playing hide & seek with the remote, bath time, and playing with water bottles rather than his toys.

Ashraf, my baby love. It’s crazy how fast you’re growing, your first birthday is only a few months away. I’m literally watching you turn into a little person right before my eyes and it is such a joy to see the world through your eyes. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Mama has so many adventures planned for you!




8 months (2 weeks) with Ash|Daddy’s thoughts

My sweet boy is 7 months❤