I told you guys I would have his dad write his 8 month update, so I’m blaming him, because bubs is definitely 8 months and 2 weeks as of today! Well guys, this made me blush and fall in love with my husband just a little bit more. Oh and it’s our 2 year anniversary, so YAY us! Alright, alright, back to Ash.

8 months of pure joy, and unlimited laughter with Young King. Who would have thought? His mom said I should write this update from my perspective, so here we go.

I think Ash is the best baby the world has ever seen, no hype, just facts. I ll start with how friendly he is, he is so full of joy and laughter that he smiles at everybody especially when you call him cute. Oh yes! He knows he’s cute. His awareness means he reaches for everything in sight, harmful or not, with such a graceful innocence.


The young King just wants to eat, play, stuff “anything and everything” in his mouth, and make sure mom and dad share at least a million smiles a day with him, until you don’t feed him on time.My experience as a dad watching him grow is so fulfilling I’m convinced. Simmy and I made the most perfect little human being.

At eight months and some weeks, his energy is surprising. Ash as fondly called, would crawl and and climb in front of the entertainment center to sing and dance to his favorite song, “daddy finger”, throw tantrums when you try to pick him up, and scream and laugh at the same instance “the ants are marching on” come on.

He communicates pretty well now in baby lingo, and expects that we understand and just give him all the attention. Did I mention, he’s also a charmer? Yes he makes puppy faces at ladies and smiles when they call him cute (wonder where he got that one from). I am conditioned to believe he has the right attitude to become a great star in life because why not?

I’m jealous he has a favorite though. It’s annoying to see him need his mom so much, like “bro, what’s up, I love you too”. But it’s a team thing and Ash grows impartial to the politics when dad gives him snacks.


Finding the balance between parenting and forging ahead with careers has been fun, a little upheaval here and there especially for the mom, but the willingness to raise this kid the right way and still make marks as Corporate Mama Ash is surely an ability that eludes my manly comprehension, a super human type of ability. Kudos on the dope job you do keeping this family together Simms. Ash takes the milk with no remorse or question for how it’s manufactured, but you do it so well that you even stay up all night to make sure he’s fed…I would never be able to comprehend that type of ability but ok! You win! Bosslady!!! Thank you for all that you do!

 Ash is on the verge of standing on his own and learning to walk. Simmy makes sure to spoil him silly with toys. We have a house full of toys that an eight month old probably doesn’t need!  It’s our first and we’ll do everything to see that infectious smile.

We love to see your progress son, and we love that you guys love to see his progress too. Life came in 3 piece for me, the good, the not so good, and the Incredible Ash, and by far, the later is the best! Would not have it any other way…keep keeping up with his progress and be proud to say you knew this child from when he was little to when he grows up and changes the world with kindness.

What’s your favorite thing about your little one? Or what have you noticed that we talk about constantly when we do updates with Ash? Drop a comment below!




My sweet boy is 7 months❤


Baby boy is 5 months (and 5 days)!