Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a 6-month old(+11 days)!


This past month has been quite a ride, If only I knew things would get even more interesting.  Here I am again … wishing that time would just pause for a second or so. Soon I’ll be dropping him off to school, sending him away to college … ugh, let me just stop right there lol.

He is still reaching for anything in site, his new favorite thing to grab … my glasses! I’m just like bubs stop, but I know he won’t… so I end up just taking them off anyway. And he has teeth! My gosh, it is getting too much to handle. No more precious gum less smiles, I will definitely miss those.

I will say life has been pretty hectic, especially with me back on my workout grind, so I am setting time aside now to look up more information on the baby led weaning because that is definitely something I really would like to try with him. And I haven’t gotten a high chair yet, but I am using the Bumbo seat for now (click here to view the seat).


I am still breastfeeding and plan to continue to breastfeed until he is one and then let him wean off on his own from there.

His smiles still melt my heart. He definitely knows that I am Mama now, because when I walk in the room and he’s with someone else he follows me with his eyes and cries for me. I never thought someone would do that for me, lol it is kind of flattering. He loves rolling around and I can definitely see him crawling soon. He still keeps his fingers in his mouth and has definitely gotten a few good kicks in.


OMG!!! I almost forgot he is sitting up all by himself and definitely longer than the 30 seconds from last month.

Again, I am so blessed to have a baby that sleeps through the night. I did not have to sleep train him, which I’m surprised about. I don’t know how I got so lucky. For all of you mama’s that are sleep training your little ones shout out to y’all!!

Ash is very easy going. I am trying to think of something that he doesn’t like. And I would say being without his pacifier (not looking forward to weaning him off of that). Oh and if he is sleepy you must pick him up and rock him to bed, but I don’t mind it one bit.



I thank God for this ray of sunshine in my life. Regardless of what’s going on good or bad. He’s a breath of fresh air. I just get this sense of peace when I look at him, I am forever grateful. I never knew a love like this. Blessed I get to see my bubs grow day by day.



Baby boy is 5 months (and 5 days)!

WHOA! Bubs is 4 months

Oh boy, Ashraf is 2 months (3 days)!

Meet Baby Ash.

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