I COMPLETED THE WHOLE30, CLAP FOR ME! Here’s how my last 9 days went. 

DAY 22 – DAY 25

I must say that starting this last full week on the Whole30, I was excited … pumped … and ready to end with a B A N G. Once again, I didn’t meal prep (shame on me)! I did pay for it, I was either waking up earlier than needed to get my food ready or getting to bed later than I liked. The excitement slowly faded away I was just there … abiding by the rules, eating all the good stuff.

DAY 26 – DAY 28

The feeling of being on a “diet” had definitely disappeared at this point. I just felt like I was making better  food choices to make sure both my son and I are getting all the necessary nutrients.

Not going to lie though, I could literally smell cupcakes. I started seeing tacos in my near future, specifically from Velvet Taco. I would literally catch myself daydreaming about foods that I’ve been avoiding. Sunday is here and I still hadn’t meal prepped at this point. I threw things we had leftover in the house together. I had every single intention on going grocery shopping, but I said screw it.

DAY 29 

Y’all, so Sunday night was one of my friend’s birthday and I decided to go out and celebrate with him. No idea who I thought I was … I paid for it on this day (Monday). I remember before I was a mom I could go to sleep whenever, wake up, drink some coffee, and be S E T! Nope, not at all. I was so tired had 3 cups of coffee and nothing. And remember I didn’t go grocery shopping, which led to no meal prep!

I grabbed 6 cuties (those tiny little oranges) in the morning and planned on ordering Chipotle when I got to work because they have a Whole30 bowl. And then I was like, no way am I going to survive on 6 cuties and a salad bowl. I decided to get Snap Kitchen delivered to me, but then noticed there was one about 15 minutes away from my job. So I picked m e up some Snap Kitchen meals for a full day and I was set!  Might I add, it was almost the same price as Chipotle!

DAY 30

WOW. I made it. I’m sitting here at work, thinking I had 2 more days to go. No sirree bob, I made it! I’m done. I had plantain and eggs for breakfast. I grabbed cuties, celery sticks, and carrots for snacks. And for lunch I’ll be having just meat  … is that weird? Dinner will be Snap Kitchen. I’m done y’all. I made it. Now time for the reintroduction of the foods that I’ve been missing. Thank you Lord! 

Unfortunately, there are no pictures because I got lazy. Or maybe it’s because I’m a new mom and didn’t have time to snap pictures lol. Thank you to those who have encouraged and supported me on this journey. To my nieces for telling me to stay strong and don’t eat the cake. Shout out to me, for choosing a healthier lifestyle.


Stay tuned. I’m going to use my last day on the Whole30 to reflect on the past 30 days. I got a lot more out of it than just losing weight. I’ll also post my after pictures (YIKES) + my weigh in soon so make sure to check that out! So, in the mean time catch up on my other post and better yet head here to see my measurements (Pretty proud of myself y’all)! 



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