Man oh man, I’m a day late! LOL, I almost didn’t even write this post until one of my friends asked me about my measurements…so here it is!

DAY 15 – DAY 17

Monday morning, I was ready to go and kick this week in the butt. This is the week that my tiger blood was supposed to kick in, but unfortunately, it did not! I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted a taste of it, lmao. And then Tuesday was my brother in law’s birthday and they ordered that raspberry chocolate cake from nothing bundt cakes and I almost lost it! I kept smelling the cake, I don’t know about you guys but smelling foods that I wish can eat actually help me, I feel like I’m getting a taste. LOL,  I said what I said!

DAY 18 – DAY 19 

I finally ended up meal prepping for the rest of the week. Only breakfast though, smh.  I was craving everything at this point, I just think I’m over it lol. I do feel great though, I will have to admit that. Working out makes it even more worth it.

DAY 20- DAY 21

Well, I had to work on Saturday and ended up going to this Nigerian restaurant. Thankfully, I was able to eat amala because it’s part of the potato family! Yes, I am B L E S S E D. My mom actually broke it down for me, shout out to her, man I love that woman. Sunday was cool, I spent all day making a wig (SNATCHED!!!) and I barely ate. I just had eggs with potato’s + fruits + lara bars, and drummmmmm roll … fried plantain (in avocado oil). I didn’t meal prep again … who gone check me though!

What I got from this week is that I definitely made the wrong not to meal prep! I honestly can’t even remember what I had really this week. I know I basically had eggs with a grapefruit for breakfast, an then had the choice between chicken or salmon with veggies for lunch + dinner, and for snacks kept it simple … fruit + :Lara bars! I eventually did find the strength to make the spinach frittata, you can find the recipe here. Now I’m pretty sure after these 30 days are up, I’ll still stick to this Whole30 thing. Head over to my before pictures post to see how many inches I’ve lost thus far!

Well, here we go! Last full week on the Whole30 … pray for me. 


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