Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What a week! Week 2 was definitely a busy + tough week. 

DAY 8 – DAY 10

I was pretty motivated this week to continue doing the Whole30 because the husband was letting me know that my thighs and tummy were going down, soooooo yeah … heyyyy! LOL and another thing is I was back at CrossFit full force which was totally a huge motivator. So these 3 days were pretty chill.

DAY 11 – DAY 13

What a drag! My excitement about the Whole30 is O U T the window. I was seriously craving everything, every single day. I was sleepy and irritated. I was eating my food as though it was slop. I wanted to say screw it. I wanted all the ice cream, cookies, and bread OMG how I miss bread. OH and cheese, but thankfully I didn’t give in.

DAY 14

Feeling a little bit more optimistic. I’ve hit the two-week mark and once tomorrow comes and goes I’ll be more than halfway through. I already can see a difference, but I know this will pay off, and help me reach my goals. I did all my grocery shopping, but there will be no meal prepping tonight so we will see how this next week goes!





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I sucked  B A D at picking my meals this week. I kind of threw it all together, I was so disorganized I did not even post a picture of my lunch. For breakfast I had eggs scrambled with spinach along with tomatoes and avocados.  Lunch was salmon with spaghetti squash mixed with broccoli + spinach ( A WHOLE MESS), and dinner was my favorite the jalapeno turkey burger. It was actually better than I thought … I’m probably going to have to bring it back again. I ran out of food this week and thankfully found snap kitchen which helped me stay on track! And then finally tried Snooze Eatery which also had Whole30 friendly food. I listed the links below, hopefully, I will do better week 3!!! And click H E R E  to see what my measurements are for this week since I can’t use the scale … torture.





Whole3|Week 1 RECAP

Hello WHOLE30.