I wonder if this surreal feeling of being a mother will every go away!


Life with Ash is starting to get a lot more interesting as he gets older. He is starting to notice just about everything around him. This boy will reach for anything in sight including my hair!! And then there was one time while holding him on my hip (yes, I can hold him on the side of my hip now!!) I gave him a toy and as I was taking a sip of my coffee he nearly grabbed it out of my hand. All I could do was laugh.


E V E R Y T H I N G, he wants to put in his mouth. He is still teething and I have yet to see any teeth come out, so definitely waiting for that. I know I told you guys that I was starting him on solids, but I’ve decided to introduce maybe towards the beginning of March. I am doing some research, because I am leaning toward actually making his baby food for him myself. We shall see if that happens, cross my fingers!

His smile and giggles are 100% contagious. He especially loves when daddy tickles his belly, I’m a little jealous I can’t get him to laugh as hard as his father. Bubs is so much fun and keeps everyone around him entertained with his sounds and smiles. I have a pretty happy baby, if you smile at him he will smile right back at you. He definitely gets that from his mama.

And the other day he sat on his own for 30 secs, that one caught me by surprise … I wasn’t read for that one bit. He’s just growing and doing something new just about every day. He is still in love with baths and his favorite thing to do now is lay on his back and grab at his toes. He’s the best sleeper, thank you God! And I love when I wake him up in the morning and he is all smiles. Never stop smiling at me baby boy.

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The days are flying by and I’m just trying to cherish every second with this little nugget. I can’t believe it’ll be his half birthday next month, so thankful. Bring on month 6!!!




WHOA! Bubs is 4 months

Oh boy, Ashraf is 2 months (3 days)!

Meet Baby Ash.