Here is a short recap of week 1! Below you will find pictures of my meals for the week, along with a direct link to the recipes. Let me know if you try any of them!!!

DAY 1 – DAY 3

The good thing is I had meal prepped for the entire week, so everything was set, and ready to go. Of course, the first day I was in it to win it and felt amazing. Around lunch on Day 3, I was kind of like how am I going to do this for 30 days non stop. I remember watching someone hold a taco bell cup and I watched that cup until it was out of my sight. I didn’t realize what I was doing, had to snap out of it. Anytime I felt hungry, I would eat especially since I’m breastfeeding as well. I made sure to snack on pistachios, salad’s, and my fave … carrot cake lara bar!


O M G. I was doing so good Thursday until I went to go visit my brother. Now, anytime I go to his house I ransack their kitchen and for some reason, I always come when they order food. When I walked in I saw the Chinese food and shrugged it off like and just knew I would find something whole30 compliant. W R O N G … W R O N G … W R O N G. I kept pacing back and forth freaking out because I was so hungry. And I finally found some plantain, but the oil they had contained soybean oil! I was shot down and my heart was totally broken because I really thought I was about to enjoy that sweet sweet plantain. Luckily, there was some chicken in the fridge which I ate with jalapenos and I remembered that I had a salad in my lunch bag. All was good after I ate, but man I was really rethinking this whole30 thing … LMAO~!

DAY 5- DAY 7

Smooth sailing for the most part. I was dealing with a lot of cravings, but I didn’t cave in. I mean I’ve done diets before similar to this and you just feel better all around. I am nervous for this week coming up because on other plans I have a dessert here and there. So wish me luck!

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