2nd Annual Vision Board Soiree

How time flies! We are already in the second month of 2019! Thankfully my girls and I were able to get together for our second annual vision board soiree, before the end of January. This was also our second meet up for our girl tribe hangouts. If you missed our first hang out, check it out here.

I have got to come up with something better than girl tribe … suggestions are welcome. 

Well for this meetup, four of us made it to the workout this time, we did title-boxing, MMA style. Kelcee, Bettie, and Jasmine were there on time as I strolled in about 20 minutes later! The guy at the front desk was very helpful, he helped me with my wraps, along with providing me with the waiver I needed to sign before I worked out. Thankfully, I had my own gloves and jumped right in. I’ve done title boxing before, but not an MMA class. Your first class is free, so if you haven’t tried boxing or you just want to switch up your workout routine then I suggest you check them out! 

Even though I was 20 minutes late, I was able to jump right in. The music was on point and our coach Wayne was pretty awesome. He was one of those instructors that push you by lifting you up. I’m all about motivation and words of affirmation. He also gets a plus since he commented on my traps. Mind you, they are nowhere near as cut as they used to be, but it was nice to know that I still kind of have the stature, lol. It was a pretty fun workout though like we were literally throwing our bodies down along with the dummy. Now the toughest part was the inchworms, man! I didn’t think I was going to make it, but having my girls by my side helped me through it.

We then took pictures of course and Wayne was a good sport about it, because we basically kept redoing them, lol. Check it out below!!!

Now we head to the clubhouse for our 2nd Annual Vision Board Soiree.

This year, we kept it pretty short and sweet! We met up around 3:00 PM and everyone was gone by 8:00 PM, so about five hours. We definitely cut time in more than half from last year. I think the part that takes the longest is going through the magazines and putting the boards together.

I won’t keep you guys reading too much longer, but I love how we were all able to just come together and help one another see our vision. To have a group of young women lifting one another up and making new connections. It is truly a beautiful thing. This year, I’ve decided to let you guys in more on the Soiree and allow you guys the opportunity to actually listen to what everyone’s goals are for the year. So kick off your shoes, relax your feet, and get inspired!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND AGAIN THANK YOU FOR READING + WATCHING THE VIDEO. Have you done your vision board for the year? I saw more people host vision board parties this year than in 2018, so I’d like to think I inspired a few people close to me! Well, it’s not too late, get your vision on the board and make some moves.

And as a reminder for those of you who have already done your vision board, don’t forget to live by it. Do at least one thing a day in order to reach your goals.




Live your best life!