I was blown away by how fast 2 months came … now we are at 4 months!

Ashraf is growing like a weed lol and shows us something new just about every day. He has been in 3-6 months clothes for the past 2 months which are now starting to fit him snuggly, I’ve already pulled out his batch of 6-month-old clothes. Anytime I have to put away his clothes that fit a little too tight, I get all mushy because he’s growing a bit fast for my liking.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding and definitely have been struggling to keep up my milk supply. There were times where I wanted to just give up because I felt like I wasn’t satisfying his needs. Thankfully I didn’t give in, there were many session of pumping, mothers milk tea, and too many spoons full of oatmeal!

We are starting to introduce oatmeal into his milk now since last week. And his doctor told me that it is okay to start adding other solids, but only one at a time! See what I mean by he’s growing up too fast. His pediatrician even said to use a spoon y’all!  A WHOLE SPOON!!

He officially started daycare last week, so it is kind of a bummer for me because I feel as though we don’t get much time together. That’s definitely why I put a routine in place at night, that can sometimes take up to an hour, so I don’t get the feeling that I’m missing out on bonding with him. Now on some occasions, there is no routine, he just wants to be fed, and put down for bed.  And there’s nothing I can do about that since I’m on his schedule – he is B O S S.


God is good. My first baby and he sleeps through the night! He usually sleeps by 9:30 and majority of the time I am the one waking him up to get ready for daycare. Yes, I am that mom who is going to brag about actually being able to sleep at night. Granted it is not every single day, but I would say at least 5x out of the week, he sleeps through the night! Blessed yes we are!

Now, remember in the 2-month update I told you guys that he was beginning to smile! Well, he is all smiles now and it literally melts my heart every single time. Like, I cannot get enough of his smiles. Now for the giggling, my mom can get him to giggle up a storm! Now he just needs to do it with me, lol.


He now does tummy time with no problem at all, I’m pretty sure he even enjoys that time. His neck is pretty strong, there’s minimal wobbliness going on lol. And we are at the phase where is definitely enjoying his fingers more than his pacifier, which we are working on … I don’t want him to suck his thumb!!!


Oh, and how could I forget the drooling! Man, that phase has set in full force and I’ve learned you can never have too many bibs on deck.

He is still enjoying his bath times, I mean he gets two a day. I let him look at himself in the mirror and he just smiles. They say babies don’t know they are actually looking at their own reflection until 2 years old though.

There’s no swaddling baby boy, that’s definitely too constricting for his liking. He does not like to be bored, once he’s done playing in his seat, it’s like okay mom I need something else to occupy my time.

He loves people, being outside, tummy time, and putting everything in his mouth!

He is starting to roll over and most definitely teething. He grabs anything that comes to close to him. Definitely excited to see what month 5 brings us!






Oh boy, Ashraf is 2 months (3 days)!

Meet Baby Ash.

We’re having a … B A B Y