I can’t believe 2 months have gone by already

This little guy literally brings me so much joy, he lights up my world. I still feel like I’m dreaming, because I can’t believe I have a baby. Like, I have a WHOLE BABY. Hahahha, he’s all mine, it just seems so surreal to me.  Oh and if you haven’t met baby Ash, you can meet him here!

So month 2 has definitely been a little bit of a roller coaster. It was just bubs and I for an entire week! Three days in and I had to go to my sister’s house just to S L E E P! I felt like I was literally about to lose it, I definitely had some emotional moments. I decided to go to my moms the following week for some help. Thankfully, hubby was back from work and all was good!

I almost lost it though, I won’t lie. Just being a first time mom and not knowing if what you’re doing is right can make one feel overwhelmed. Shout out to the single parents out there, y’all are amazeballs!

I still feel like I have been pretty lucky for my first child, he is still chill and laid back for the most part. I’m back at work now and he usually sleeps from 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM. It is hard getting up in the middle of the night, sometimes I feel like a complete zombie and I’m able to just hand him to my husband, so thank you love. He truly deserves a round of applause.

Ash is still is not one to wait for food, he will make it be known that it is time to eat. He does not like tummy time, we are at 7 minutes now (improvement)! I am going to try and do tummy time in the morning before work and then at night when I get back home!

See no issues! He’s a pretty cool kid. 

Bubby is starting to smile, which seriously makes my heart melt. And he is definitely a talker. I catch myself talking back to him by mimicking what he says, I just can’t help it lol. I swear we have our own language. Oh my gosh and he’s been holding onto my finger while I feed him! Anytime someone else holds him and I come in, it’s as though he looking for me. And the way he stares at me … y’all I’m just obsessed & in love!

This past month, I have learned that teamwork makes the dream work. Forever grateful to my husband and family members for their help. Ash has lit up my life in more ways than one, I just can’t explain in words how happy he’s made me. I am blessed to be his mom and couldn’t imagine life without him.  So happy I get to witness this little one grow!!! EEEEKK!!




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