As you look at the three images above, what do you see? I’ll give you a minute.

Now let’s see if you see what I see. I see a young woman who isn’t comfortable in her own skin anymore. A new mom who feels the same inside, but when she looks in the mirror she doesn’t recognize the reflection staring back at her. How many of you can relate?

Can you guess how I got here? I’m sure if you’re a mom then you can definitely relate.

I love my bubs and the joy he has brought into his father and I’s life, but I absolutely hate my postpartum body, so lets get into that!

This past weekend, I was able to get dolled up … even though it took an entire day. As any girl would do, I whipped out my phone and began to take selfies on the snap(chat)! I wouldn’t dare take a full body picture. Hence, why these pictures above are so much more than a simple selfie. They actually speak for themselves … showing how I feel about myself + my body.

We live in a time where social media where  women give birth and have that automatic “snap back” … but that is not my reality. I find myself comparing my body + journey to other new moms that post their perfect progress pictures and training videos making it look effortless.  I’m starting to get impatient, wanting to get back to where I was before baby … but even if I do get to that I still want to lose even more.

I’ve played sports all my life, I am an athlete, and I feel like I have lost all my muscle definition. Everything is just j i g g l y. My belly is flabby and it hangs over my pants, that wasn’t there before I got pregnant! My thighs are big, I mean they’ve always been big, but I didn’t realize how big they could actually get … ha ha ha. My gosh, I was pretty satisfied with my body before I was pregnant!

I am slowly accepting my new body and reminding myself that my body grew a human for 9 months. And that is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me, it’s a blessing. Ashraf is literally more than I could’ve prayed for, so I will continue to remind myself to exercise patience and be kind to this body of mine that brought me my bubs. And most of all thankful for the blessing of a healthy baby boy.

I was a little hesitant about putting myself out there and sharing how I really feel, but hey we all have our insecurities! In my opinion, I feel like it is nice to know that you are not alone and other people go through what you go through as well. Even if it is not the same exact situation. Feel free to share your story with me without feeling judged, we are in this together!

With that being said, I’m getting my life together! I’m going to stop feeling insecure about my new body and do what needs to be done to kick back into that workout life. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know what my plans are for the next month!

L E T’S G E T I T, L E T’ S G O