Hello again! I am officially, officially back after almost 6 months!

No side eyeing please, lol because I definitely have a good excuse for missing in action … we finally welcomed our first child last month, all praises to the most high!!!!

Ashraf Omogoriola Hassan
Love of my life ❤


Ash made his debut into his father and I’s life on September 13, 2018 and then B A M … he is suddenly a month and three days old as of today! Literally feels like he was just born yesterday, I remember every single detail to the T!

Bubs has been pretty chill thus far and I considered myself very lucky! When we first brought him home, which I like to think of as the honeymoon phase, he would sleep long stretches throughout the day and night. There was a point I was complaining about how long he was sleeping,  but now that he is more alert of his surrounding’s, and getting a bit fussy at night … I just wish for an extra hour of sleep lol.

Other than not getting those 8 hours of sleep at night, he’s truly been a piece of cake. He loves taking bath’s, he literally falls asleep, and does the cutest little coo’s! He loves snuggling with mommy.

He does not like us to keep him waiting when it comes to food or a diaper change. He hates having the beanie on, because one way or the other it’s always sliding off his head. Hopefully that’ll change because its definitely getting cold here in Texas!

I’m still shocked that I have a new baby and know that being a new mom will definitely have it’s challenges, but with the help of my husband and family I’ve had it pretty easy this first month. Bubs is just getting more precious as the days go by and he is well loved by many people, now let’s see if the next month will go as smoothly, ha ha!


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