I don’t think it took us too long to figure out what the theme of 2018 was while creating our vision boards!

For one, I would definitely say I have already accomplished one of my goals for the new year and that was to have a vision board soiree with my girls, and thank God it happened!

Everyone showed up around 4 PM and the last guest left after 3 AM! It was a great time and better than I expected. There were tears, laughter ( LOTS OF IT), good food, the tea given was too sweet, it was real, and inspiring. This time together allowed us to discuss our wants for the year and in life, period. Being able to clarify and concentrate on specific words and images that we cut out, I think really help us see what we want to accomplish. We talked about it, we promised to keep one another accountable. I never knew how strong a vision board could really be until now.

A couple of words that I’d like to pick out on my board are confidence, fierce, and nope.

Confidence. I plan to build more confidence this year. 2018 will be more doing and less talking. I will approach my goals fearlessly and encourage you to do the same.

Fierce. I want to be F I E R C E! I want to live it, breathe it, & eat it hahaha! That is all, just call me Sasha Fierce.

Nope. No, no, no, and noooooooooo! I really need to start saying no more often and doing for me. I need to put myself first before I do things for others, because it can sometimes be taken for granted.  Learn to say no and do for you.


If you’re reading this, male or female … I challenge you to get a group of your closest friends together and throw a vision board party! Even if it’s at a restaurant and you guys are just sitting around talking about your wants in life. Have an accountability partner. Tag me, I’d love to see how your party turned out, and to share it!

Well that’s it guys, remember LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Oh and I have a little bonus below for making it through this post!