On a S A T U R D A Y night, I was home in bed, scrolling through IG, and video posted by Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross caught my eye, it was about the Time’s up movement. I immediately felt inspired and wanted to partake in wearing all black on Sunday. And I did just that!



I’m 100% behind this whole movement! I know we all have heard about the numerous sexual misconduct in Hollywood and to know that this pretty much happens everywhere, not just in Hollywood is crazy. And I really don’t think some men are aware that this is an issue or that they actually partake in these activities themselves. I say this because, I’ve heard with my own ears and have read on social media,  guys commenting how this cannot be true and how there are too many accusations. And I’m not saying not all men are responsible, but even Charlamagne tha God says how he did not realize he was brought up on rape culture as well, like if you really do your research you’ll be amazed how many reports are out there. That’s why I think this whole movement is important and no one should have to be quiet about anything that has happened to them. I give kudos to the women who have stood up around the world and spoke their truth.

The whole time’s up organization manages legal funds, gives women a platform to speak out against sexual harassment, advocates gender parity,and also creating a legislation to better penalize sexual misconduct.

I usually don’t give out free money, lol … I mean I need money myself! Although, I did take the time to donate because it was definitely something I wanted to be apart of. I want to know if there’s anyway to volunteer or help out, you know just to be apart of something bigger than me! If I end up doing anything I’ll let you guys know!


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