9 months with Ash

A couple of days ago, I was hanging out at my sister’s house, and my brother in law ask me how old Ash is now, I told him 6 months. Everyone just laughed and told me to stop being in denial. I mean, I know he’s 9 months, but why is time flying by so fast. I remember being a child and the days felt neverending. Ash serves as a daily reminder that I need to enjoy every moment God has blessed me with. Now let’s get to what Mr. Ash has been up to!

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Postpartum feels|PPD (PART III)

Let’s pick up where we stopped in Part II

My husband was headed back to the oil rig for work and even though my mother offered me to come to stay with her … in my head, I had everything under control. The first days or so were pretty chill, now I believe the problem that I ran into was I didn’t want to take bubs out and I needed to go grocery shopping. I told myself that I would hold off until the weekend, so that way I could drop him off at my sister’s since she only lives a few minutes away from me, and do my groceries Friday evening.

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